Saturday, January 2, 2010

The pregnancy started with indegestion and sickness. Yes! This was a welcome sign that my hormones were at work. I prayed each day for the Lord to keep watch over my womb and to allow me to carry this child! Every symptom you can have in pregnancy I decided I felt were 10 times more than the other babies! Which was great.
So finaly the day was approaching to see if we were going to have a boy or girl. 2 days before Christmas we went to the ultrasound. She was an active little thing! The tech could hardly get enough pictures. We left the office ready to tell everyone another princess was on it's way. We were told to come back in a month to get better pictures of her heart because they couldn't quite see everything. Not to worry, it happens all the time they said. You know that nagging little feeling of "what if", in the back of your mind? I guess you could say I had it.
Christmas was an enjoyable time of singing, baking, and opening gifts from our extended family. December 28th I recieved a call from my midwife saying I needed to see a specialist because the baby's heart was measuring "small". I was at the store with the 2 youngest and high tailed it out of there to collect my thoughts and call my husband. I was determined to be positive and sober minded but I was very scared!
My husband thought that by the time of our appointment the baby's heart might have grown up to size...I didn't think so.
We were scheduled an appointment that week. I called my midwife back and she read me the actual report. It said, right side of heart abnormal, not developed. At that point I was REALLY scared but still, I was leaning on my Lord, trusting Him to sustain me for whatever was to come. I researched online "small right side of heart..." and all I could find was HRHS...I told my husband.
The day we saw the specialist we were optomistic and also wanted to know that minute what the tech saw! The technician had to fax it out of town to the specialist and then my midwife would call me with the results. Ugh! I was trying to persuade the technician by saying things like, So....what things could I look up on the internet...well what defects do you know about?? It didn't work. He would only say she is moving A LOT and look at the nice 3 d pics.
I was called the next day with the news that our daughter did in fact have HRHS and an echogenic bowel. That condition goes along with heart defects but can also be found in chromosonal abnormalities...
We are traveling next week to the perinatal cardiologist to get another ultrasond and find out more.

We have shared the news with our extended family and friends and have been praying with our children. The amazing thing about little ones is their ability to be so tender and steadfast. They, like us, can't imagine what the future will bring but I know we will be stronger because of this. We don'tknow what is around the corner but our God does. And we will trust Him and lean on His understanding. Thank you for your prayers! We will be finding out what awaits, next week.
Psalm 62:1,2


  1. We will praying for your littlest princess and her growth and development. I had our granddaughters, Shay and Andy read your blog.
    It touched them deeply. Love and Hugs, Cindy and Vern

  2. I am so sorry to hear your news. But, to encourage you, I have a son with HLHS, and he is two now. He is a twin, so he was born very small...only 5 lbs 9 oz when he was born at 35 weeks gestation. He had his first open-heart surgery at only 2 days old. It was very hard at first, I won't lie...but it gets better after the first 5-6 months. HRHS is actually easier to correct than HLHS, so be very encouraged. You can do this. I have lots of little tips I would love to share that seem little at first, but will help tremendously in the long run. With kids with heart defects, it's really not the big stuff that's frustrating, it can be the little things like developmental delay, trouble swallowing, etc. So, I've learned a lot the hard way because I had no one that had been there before to help me along. Please, please feel free to contact me. Christie Huggins, Harrisonburg, VA (cousin to Dana O'Bryan Thurman), 540-810-0489, (whole story there) and I'm also on Facebook under Christie Hammond Huggins. Take care. You are a precious little family!!