Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 2010

We traveled to Denver for Mia to have a heart cath only to return because she had a cold. Her cold is worse today and we are just trying to keep her comfortable. We are planning to return for the heart cath as soon as she is better. Her echo showed significant small pulmonary arteries that branch into the lungs. That is very concerning and the doctor said she is "praying" the heart cath yields better results than the echo. We are amazed at the doctors faith and love for our family. We have been so blessed by her and the team of doctors in Denver. On our drive home last night I spoke to the doctor and she filled me with encouragement and said we are doing the best for Mia and that our family is why Mia has been doing so well. She brought me to tears with her kind words! She told me of other mothers that just give up or say they can't handle a baby as sick as Mia and they terminate the pregnancy even at 20 weeks. When we found out about Mia there was no choice for us except to press on and do everything we could for our daughter. By the grace of God she is with us today. The doctor said for us to have 4 other kids, make constant trips to Denver, and to have stayed there for 2 months straight is amazing. We don't think of ourselves as heros or anything other than parents doing what we have to do, but the doctor sees so many sides of people that we don't think about. I was almost speechless because she was so compassionate and "real" and it just made me dumbfounded that she thinks so highly of me....when she has been saving my daughters life!!! I was humbled and even more aware of God's hand in our situation. She told me of marraiges that suffer and many times end in divorce during times like ours and she is glad that Clark and I are in this together and that we are best friends, etc. I am telling you, I was deeply touched by her words. I just had to share this, not to show the world my doctor thinks I'm great, ha, But to share with you just how wonderful our doctor is and all of the care from the childrens hospital in denver.
We have been blessed by Dr. Karrie, and we have been given the gift of Mia and we are so undeserving of such a special gift. Truly Mia is the joy of our life. She is amazing and beautiful and our lives have been changed forever by our little Mia.