Saturday, January 2, 2010

The last 4 months have been exciting. To know the full story I will start at the begining.
After waiting a few years my husband and I decided to have another child. We were blessed to concieve the first month we tried, only to be let down with a loss a couple months later. It hit us hard. We have 4 healthy children and never thought any complications could arise. Who does?? Going through all the emotions, I made a choice to trust God and be thankul in eveything. The hardest part was knowing the pain our children were going through. It was amazing to see such love in their eyes for a sibling they hadn't even met. I don't know who comforted each other comorting them or them being a comfort to us! During that time I had an instinctful feeling that God was carying me gently in his hand while I was waiting to see what was in store. Little did I know I would be clinging earnestly to his hand throughout the next year.
We waited the usual time before trying again and once again were met with a loss, only this one being even earlier in the pregnancy. Not many people knew because we hadn't shared the news we were pregnant. It saved our chidren from another time of sadness.
We recovered and pressed on in faith! I was elated to find out a short time later I was pregnant again! I prayed fervently that God would bless my womb and now I am 5 months along!
That is the begining of this journey, my story, and the story of our trust in Jesus.

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