Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My sister set up my email account a couple years ago (she's my older sis what can I say) using, therathe5...She forgot we actually had 6 in our family! My husband said well we just need to have a baby and then it can mean the rathe 5 as in 5 kids. Well that time is now...our little Mia makes 5. So thanks sis for spuring us on to have this little darling;) What a blessing she is.
I have been at the hospital with her since Thursday morning and so many nurses and doctors tell me how blessed we are to have her. I agree. She is amazing and stronger than I could be. On Tuesday she will have her 2nd surgery the Glenn Procedure. The docs discovered that her bt shunt is narrowing at one end and slightly in other places in her heart. Instead of doing an invasive stint or ballon they are going ahead with stage 2. We were preparing for that to be at 4-6 months and she will be 3 months on the day of. Her lung pressures look good and everything shows she should be okay doing it so early. She needs it. So we wait at the hospital for the week to pass so we can get through the next hurdle. During this hard time for our family I see so much goodness and mercy. So many kind hearted people are reaching out to us AND Mia has been a pure delight. Especially since she has started cooing and smiling at everyone that walks in the door. The nurses love her and so do we! Please keep us in your prayers. We will update soon.