Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mia Is Big Girl

What a truly amazing awesome God we have! Mia is 4 years old and stable as she can be.  Her heart function is spectacular.  This girl is holding her oxygen at 92! For being in the 70's for most of her life it is a joy to see those numbers!! After her 3rd surgery, the Fontan, we were anxious to see how her body handled the new flow. Although there were a few setbacks along the way, she has adjusted and is growing taller than most of her peers!
I Let it Go and Let God!
Mia loves it when her sisters give her "makeovers".  Mom doesn't mind but prefers it to be after we go to town...hint hint. Girls? Are you reading this??

Au naturale

Soon I will be posting all about our experiences at the hospital and everything in between.  Stay tuned! And Let Go and Let God:)