Monday, December 6, 2010

12\06\2010 (6 photos), by Catie Rathe

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Pray for Mia

I titled this blog pray for Mia in hopes that whoever comes across this will PRAY for our daughter. She had a heart cath on Nov. 29th. The doctor was able to balloon her right and left pulmonary branch arteries, her aortic arch, and coil off some collateral vessels. Her pulmonary arteries are very small and if they don't grow then she can't have her Fontan around age 3. The doctor said to pray that they will grow! Again I am amazed at the doctors God has blessed us with. They are like family after all we have been through. The other night I spoke with Dr. K for an hour about Mia. We discussed the probability of her arteries not growing and having too many collateral vessels and possibly a heart transplant. When she asked if Clark and I would be okay with a transplant I was swallowing a lump that wouldn't go down!!! I had asked the cath doctor in Denver if we need to prepare our children for the worst and he said not yet, let's see what the next cath shows. But he did say "we are not in a good place right now" I have heard bad news before, as you can read in my first few blogs, but everytime I knew God was ultimately the one who would choose her path. So far He has blessed us beyond what we imagined. We are thankful for each day with Mia and so glad she has been such a strong fighter.

She is 7 months now and still very sweet! She has the calmest disposition! So happy and smiles at everyone! Thank you for your prayers!!!!!