Monday, April 18, 2011

Blessings Abound

Mia will be turning 1 very soon! She is growing and changing so fast! She has said, Dada, Ball, Baby, Bye Bye and she says MAMAMA when she wants real FOOD! She definately said Dada first! It is for those big but small things I am thankful for! And she is coasting around all the furniture and getting into everything!
March 21st was the day she had her heart cath and she is doing well so far. The doctor put in a stint and a ballon in each of her pulmonary branch arteries. There was not much growth on the left one but it seems to be better now with the stint. Her stats are more in the 80's rather than the 70's. She is happy and keeping us smiling all day long! We are grateful for the good prognosis at this point. Her heart cath doc said he is more optomistic this time and that we might be able to get her to her third surgery at age 3 without a transplant. So glad and thankful! We also won't have to go back to Denver for 6 months or so, praise God! We feel like we lived a lifetime with Mia and it has only been a year! We are so thankful for everyone who has prayed for us and with us. We couldn't do this without God and YOU! Happy Spring!

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