Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Today I woke up rejoicing. Another day, another chance to be all I can be for God. He has blessed us so much and we are grateful. Mia's heart cath is tentatively scheduled for March 21st and we pray everything goes well. I hope that by ballooning her arteries again she will make better progress. Her doctor called again and stressed how much they want to get her to the third surgery (Fontan) and will try anything. She is a bit of an anomaly, most of the time these arteries grow after the 2nd surgery. She continues to shock and amaze the doctors. Mia is growing and very active! She will eat anything and climb anything! In March before her cath a special doctor will check her development-milestone progress. I told her doctor what all she is doing and she said she sounds advanced for these heart babies. The theory is that all the time in the hospital would make a baby not reach some of their milestones on time....Mia is not letting anything hold her back! The doctor said they need to throw statisticsw out the window because often the babies are advanced~We know it is because of your prayers. Mia's doctor again told me it was because of all the great care we are giving her and that she is here because we are such great parents. So touching and so humbling. I can't thank her OR YOU for all the thoughts and prayers and encouragement. God Bless this season of our life!

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