Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today Mia is having a cath to get a closer look at her pulmonary branch arteries and other areas. I took her back to the cath lab with the nurses this time. I can't believe what a happy baby she is. She is so strong and amazing! She was so good on the flight last night considering that the bottle I brought for her had a hole in the nipple and wouldn't work! I didn't know it was ruined until we took off. The joys of having cats....
About halfway through the flight she figured out how to stand on the tray table and really enjoyed hanging over the seat in front of us..luckily there was no one sitting there! But then she saw the back of a man's head that resembled Clark and it was on. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! What started out as laughter and joy at finding her daddy turned to despair when I wouldn't let her go to him...Dadeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Finally the plane landed and the man turned around. The look on her face was pure confusion! The whole plane got a laugh! Never a dull moment with Ms. Mia.
I will get updates every hour by phone. It is good to be back here, at our second home! Thank you for your prayers!

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