Friday, May 7, 2010

Surgery Day

At 7:15 this morning our precious daughter Iilyah Mia Hope went with several nurses and doctors to have surgery. In the moments before surgery, my wife and I were able to spend some time with our little princess. Since her birth it has been a whirlwind. When I first saw her little face all I wanted to do was hold her and give her to my wife. Standing by and watching the nurses get her breathing after her birth and then seeing them insert several tubes and IV into her just broke my heart. Still, I had to let them do their work in order for God to the work in her that he is doing now. Since little we found out about our little Mia's heart defect I have felt helpless in many ways. A Father only wants to protect His own and keep them safe from anything that might harm her. Strange as it seems the only way I can protect her now is to let her go and be cared for by strangers.

Our Father also had to let his child go. Jesus had to be cared by strangers in order for his purpose to be fulfilled. I trust God that his purposes for my little Mia will be fulfilled. God is already performing a great work in her. Still this Daddy wants to hold and protect her. Right now the only way to protect her is to let her go so she can be helped.

"Dear Father, Please guide the hands of the surgeons and protect my little Mia through this surgery."

It is 11:48 and we are likely half way through the surgery. God is Good!


  1. Dear Rathe Family,
    Our daughter had her Norwood on January 4, 2010. I know where you are. I am praying for your daughter and for your family.
    Love in Christ,
    Mom to Anna Grace (HRHS)
    South Carolina

  2. I'm praying for little Mia Hope & for your family. Blessings, Terri Bond Dillan