Monday, March 1, 2010

I've got confidence...

It's been a busy time for us at the Rathe house. Home educating, doctors visits, dealing with the sickies, making preparations for our baby's delivery..Whew! I finally have a moment to blog!

We had another visit with the pediatric cardiologist in Denver. Things are looking the same. The technician was able to get more great pictures of Mia's heart. She cooperated well. She is growing right on schedule and the doctors are going along with the initial plans for surgery. The warmth and support from people at Children's has been very encouraging and a huge burden lifter! I was reminded by a family member, we as Christians don't have to worry because we have FAITH. It is so hard sometimes not to worry about the what ifs but it is so wonderful we can pray and lean on God! And God is providing us many angels throughout this journey. We are so thankful.

The trip to Denver was long and snowy. We were driving along in clear skies and then drove directly into a blizzard on the mountain pass. Not so fun! We turned around and tried a different way but that was just as bad. We asked at a gas station if there were any roads we could take and we eventually were directed to a clear one! We did run into some snow and ice closer to Denver...we were driving very carefully noticing a couple cars in the ditch. I was getting nervous! I hear this little voice from the back seat..Mama, Can we sing that one song that gets quieter and louder?? My 5 year old used to ask for that song all the time...It was a request I had not heard for quite sometime. How appropriate at this time I thought! The song starts out softly with clapping one finger together then 2 then 3 etc. It ends with "zero" when you mouth the words. The words..."I've got confidence, my Lord is gonna see me through, no matter what the case may be I know My Lord is gonna fix it for me because..I've got confidence....." It goes on and on. I realized that I was worrying for nothing on the icy roads.God was in control. And my husband was driving soo carefully! We had been praying all day! Why would my spirit not yield to the peace God provides? I am human..Fleshy...Anxious! The song put me in my place and was certainly a little nudge from God. So we continued our trip with a bit more peace and trust! I am sure my husband was glad I did not ever give in to my fears
out loud:)

Now we are home SAFE and ready for whatever awaits around the corner. As we get closer to the time of Mia's arrival, I am aware of God's awesome presence and power.I know that He is in control and that whatever happens, He will be holding our family. We will travel back to Denver March 23rd for another check up and then in mid April to stay for the birth, surgery, recovery.. Could be a while! God is good. We are so thankful to my husband's employer. He can keep his job until we return! Praise God! The staff is willing to make things work until we return. What a blessing and wonderful support for my husband.
I am trying to take it easy as the doctor told me to, it is nice to have 4 helpers!
This pregnancy has been HARD compared to the others! I have a lot more pain and mini contractions! and at times I get annoyed with my physical body because I just want to clean my house!!! But I am reminded that it is only for a short while longer and I cherish my big tummy and all the joys of pregnancy. Even though my tummy is a boxing ring sometimes. She is a fighter for sure!
Galatians 6:9"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunities, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

What a great reminder to press on and have a joyful spirit through this trying time. I am thankful for the Word.

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